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Manic Panic® Mixabowls™ Hair Color Mixing Bowls

Our BRAND NEW Manic Panic NYC salon-quality, professional  Mixabowl™ Color Bowls are specifically made for hair color. Get all the colors of the rainbow in one kit! Need a steady bowl for coloring? These have rubber grips on the bottom and they interlock to help keep them in place when you’re mixing with one hand. Large enough to for all your color mixes and safe to use with bleach as well! 

Made to last with plastic that’s easy to clean so that you’ll have them as long as you need them!

Caution: Keep bowls away from heat tools as they can melt. 

Brush sold separately.

Best Use: First, figure out how many bowls you will need for your process and then find where they interlock on the sides. Interlock them together for stability and place on a stable/solid surface. If you are coloring at home, you can lay down a towel or newspaper underneath your work station to avoid any staining. Now, open your favorite Manic Panic™ Classic High Voltage®hair color jar, Amplified™ bottle, or Manic Panic™ Professional tube, and empty the contents into your bowls. Next, use your brush to gently mix the color for a yummy cream consistency. (Don't eat it though!) Then, use the pointy end of the brush tip to help create sections in the hair. Then carefully use the applicator brush regularly to apply color evenly to your sections making sure they are fully saturated. When you are done applying, simply put on your cap to let your hair process, then wash out your bowl and brush with hot water and soap in a timely manner to avoid any staining. 

Live Fast and Dye Your Hair!®

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