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Amplified™ Hair Dye Color


The Amplified™ formula for our semi-permanent hair color has 30% more pigment than our High Voltage® Classic hair color!
This formula is not meant for those with commitment issues, as it will last through a few washes. 

This stronger and longer-lasting formula is available in many of our best-selling shades. The name and color are the same, but with intensity added, the Amplified™ version of our vegan hair color will stay brighter longer.

Long-lasting does not mean added chemicals, and you can rest assured that both the Amplified™ and High Voltage® formulas are PPD and ammonia-free. 

As with all of our hair coloring products, Amplified™ is tested on celebrities, not animals™, and is always vegan and cruelty-free.

Virgin Snow™ (Toner) - EU Amplified™


Cotton Candy™ Pink - EU Amplified™

Vampire® Red - Amplified™ - Tish & Snooky's Manic Panic, red, deep red, blood red, dark red, cherry red, burgundy, wine red, semi permanent hair color, hair dye

Vampire® Red - EU Amplified™


Atomic Turquoise® - EU Amplified™

After Midnight® - Amplified™ - Denim blue, dark blue, navy blue, dark blue, blue hair dye

After Midnight® - EU Amplified™


Ultra™ Violet - EU Amplified™

$17.99   $5.99

Rock 'N' Roll® Red - EU Amplified™


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